Time to Sell Your Property in Bansko?

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"Hi, I'm Ciara. If it's time to sell your apartment or property in Bansko, you can be sure of honesty, reliability and my very best efforts to keep you updated at all times

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Deciding to sell property in Bansko is a big decision. It takes thought and planning. Top of the list is finding an english speaking estate agent in Bansko that you can contact and discuss your situation confidentially. Also, when you Sell Property in Bansko you know the importance of independent reviews from people who were also selling their apartments or house in Bansko, and found the services of the estate agent reliable and professional.

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%buy property bansko  %sell property bansko

When you Sell Property in Bansko, communication is key.

Secondly, to sell an apartment in you need a reliable Bansko Estate agent, not only to take care of the sale, but to ensure prompt and honest communication with you at all times. A standard part of the way I work with my clients is to keep in regular contact with updates, so it's clear at all times where they are with selling their Bansko Apartment.

Get a Free Valuation

Valuing Your Apartment or Property to Sell in Bansko.

Let’s start with an honest, realistic valuation so you know what to expect. To sell a property in Bansko, think first about market realities; the price of property, like anywhere, is based on location and timing. When I value your apartment in bansko, I am calling on years of experience. I know the complexes and the apartments. I know the Bansko management companies and I use that experience to help you to sell your Bansko property.
%buy property bansko  %sell property bansko
Get a Free Valuation

Time to Sell Your Property Bansko - Shall we talk?

Feel free to call me (I'm available on Viber for free calls from your smartphone) or send me a message by email or by my Facebook Page . We will discuss the best way to sell your Bansko property, the most likely price you will achieve and what to expect if you decide you would like to work with me to sell your property.

The Best Place to Start….
If you click here, you can tell me a little about your property. Let me know where your property in Bansko is and how many bedrooms. Ill be in touch with details on arranging your valuation.

There is no fee for my valuation work. When you are selling a property in Bansko or anywhere else abroad, it's important to know that you are working with a reliable agent,

Of course, there’s no obligation to choose to work with me, that’s your choice, but knowing what your property could be worth is the most sensible way to start.

Fill in the form, send it over and I’ll be in touch

Need Advice?

Years of experience and dozens of property clients is experience that counts. I'd be happy to offer you my thoughts on selling your Bansko apartment or property.

The Process - When you sell your apartment in Bansko

Get a Free Valuation
  • Discuss market conditions and expectations when you sell your property in Bansko

    This is best done by phone once I have your contact details. We'll go throught the current market conditions in Bansko and discuss the best way to market your property.

  • Explain the selling process

    We will go through the sales process and costs of selling property in Bansko with you so you know what to expect every step of the way and there are no surprises.

  • Valuation and photographs of the Bansko property you wish to sell

    We'll arrange to take professional quality photographs, do a video tour, create a presentation of your property for sale in Bansko and make sure we have everything we need to get it in front of our buyers.

  • We list your Bansko property

    To sell a Bansko property I list the property with a full description and facts and figures on our property listing area.

  • Tell our partners about it

    I will send an email to colleagues around the world so they can sell your Bansko property too.

  • Keep you informed

    This is important. You need to know that we are actively presenting your Bansko property to the right kind of people. So we'll let you know when we have a viewing, client feedback and suggestions on how we can maximise the chance of finding the right person for your property.

The Process Stage 2 - When you sell your apartment in Bansko

  • List your property for sale in Bansko

    Put it on the market. If you are unsure of what price then I can do and do a valuation for you - no charge. At this point we will agree our terms and commission so you know what costs are involved.

  • A buyer is found

    Once a buyer is interested and a price has been agreed between you and the buyer, the buyer puts down a Reservation Deposit to reserve the property for them. This is held by us at Property Bansko and a Reservation Agreement is signed by all parties. This means that we are then legally obliged to take the property off the market and reserve it for that buyer.

  • Preparing to complete

    When the Reservation Agreement is signed and deposit received; the next stage is to prepare the closing documents. Your lawyer will do this for you. These are: the Skitsa (land registry map/sketch of your property), the Tax Valuation Certificate (all municipality taxes must be paid up to date before this can be obtained) and finally a Document from the Court which declares that there are no taxes, liens or encumbrances on the property - i.e. that it is being sold free of any debt. These take about 1-2 weeks to obtain.

  • Costs associated with selling your apartment in Bansko

    Traditionally the buyer pays all the Notary Fees, Purchase Taxes etc so there are very few costs involved in selling your property. I've listed them below:
    - Agents Commission*
    - Closing documents (approx 50 EUR)
    - Legal Fees including Power Of Attorney* (if required)
    - Flights over to sign on closing date* (if required)
    *costs vary
    You will also need to make sure that all outstanding bills, electric, water, taxes, maintenance fees are paid to date before closing.
    The whole process of selling can be done without the need for you to come over personally. We can work to your convenience.

  • Completing the sale of your Bansko property

    While we are obtaining the closing documents we agreed a date to complete with you and the buyer. Then the buyers and you (or your representative via a Power of Attorney) sign the transfer of title deeds at the notary. This is the completion/closing date the sale and the remaining funds due to you are transferred to a bank account of your choice. The Notary receives confirmation of the transfer (or often it is transferred from the Notary's Escrow account). On average from agreed offer to closing takes about 4-6 weeks

  • Congratulations!

    That's it! All done. You've successfully sold your property here in Bansko.

    Shall We Get Started?

    By completing this form you give consent for Property Bansko to send updates and contact by email and/or telephone, using the information you have provided in this form.

    Property for sale in Bansko with Bansko Property Ulitza. Dobri Chintulov Street 11, Bansko, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 2770

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